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Roulette Cheating

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If you are online roulette player don't even dream about Roulette cheating because it is impossible. And as for brick and mortal casinos, nowadays it is rather rare to run across endeavors of Roulette cheating but still there is nothing to prevent for existence of different Roulette methods which were created by Roulette bettors and cheaters during many years.

Cheating Methods

  • Tampering with the Roulette wheel
  • Working on the Roulette ball
  • Switching around Roulette bets

All these Roulette cheating tactics include the possibility of some connections with the employees of the casino.


Historically, such a method of Roulette cheating as adjusting the wheel is done with the magnets. In this case the croupier controls the magnets which are situated in the Roulette wheel.

Also it is possible to use some sticky substance for the Roulette pockets for making the ball steady. This method of cheating is possible for both the croupier and the player. And it is almost impossible to notice the process of such cheating during the game.

One more Roulette cheating method is for players with really swift fingers. When the ball is going to lend, the croupier usually is not looking at the Roulette table. And at this moment a Roulette cheater has a chance to change the bets on the Roulette table. But this method is considered to be the most risky.


The main idea of the next Roulette cheating method is using microcomputers. The point is that this very computer learns the deceleration of the wheel rates and with the help of this predicts the place the Roulette ball will lend in.

So these are the most well-known methods of cheating at the Roulette table. But remember, all casinos are watching out carefully for such methods.

There even exists one expression concerning Roulette cheating: "Do not attempt cheating when playing roulette - you will almost always be caught.

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