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Oscar Grid

grids of oscars

The book "The Casino Gambler's Guide" that was published in the year 1965 was the first discuss about the Oscars Grid Gambling System in detail. The inspiration for this system came upon a story of Oscar who met a gambler and took him in on the details of how he was able to successfully win playing in the casino. All of the winnings of this particular gambler whom Oscar met showed modest yet consistent profit, which only goes to show that this system really does work.

Since then, Oscar has adapted the same winning system when he went on to play in the casino for himself. His willingness to risk it all during a one-unit-per-cycle game earned him a win and now he has a lot of money in his bank account to prove his win.

Sequence Simulation Samples

The Oscars Grid Gambling System offers up to 280,000 sequence simulations. In the grid that Oscar used for his gambling approach, there is a grid that shows in depth analysis for each bet that will also determine how much his winning percentage is and his actual win, just in case his bet does win. With the use of this system, it was not at all impossible to win.

The Oscars Grid method is therefore a lot similar to most roulette systems out there, which if you are lucky enough could get you a win. This is why experts recommend that this method must be used only for the short to medium run, because you could end up with a major loss if you continue to use it for the long run.

The system works by placing a bet on one unit using an even-money bet. If you're lucky and you win, you can begin from the scratch with no consequence. But if you are unlucky and lost the bet, you have to place the same amount of money on your next bet as you lost. Winning also has its consequence since you must place the same unit amount on your next bet such that it goes larger and larger as you continue on.


Although the Oscar Grid Gambling System does have its own share of benefits when used as approach for your casino gambling, it must also be used with caution. It is, after all, still a form of gamble, such that you need to be smart about how you use your bets and how much you can win (or lose).

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