The List of Online Casinos

go casino icon

Bonus    100%

Match    $1000

Games    100+


oasis casino icon

Bonus    200%

Match    $4000

Games    -


titan casino icon

Bonus    400%

Match    $3000

Games    100+


User agreement

  • for the record of all the casino games transactions the casino's server software will act as the official resister. If at all there comes any discrepancy between the results of the player's version of the software and casino's software, the result shown by the casino's server software will be considered as correct. Loss of money due to any such discrepancy is not the responsibility of the company.
  • if at all there comes any dispute regarding any casino activity including player accounts, eligibility for winnings etc. the word of the company shall stand, and will be considered as final.
  • all casino activity including current spins and tournament play will end at the scheduled time and even in-progress spins will not be entertained beyond that time limit.
  • the funds of a player will be automatically be seized and his access to the account will be restricted if he attempts to cash in extra amount than he is subscribed to according to his initial purchase before fulfilling the minimum play requirements for the eligibility of bonus.
  • the company has the authority to refuse or restrict the access of any person to the casino due to any reason.

Cancellation of account

  • the company has the authority to cancel the account of any player for any reason if considered necessary, and to pay the remaining amount to the player at the time of cancellation. The company cannot be blamed for any account cancellation. The company also has the authority to cancel any game and winnings and afterwards refund the player with his base amount (without any further compensation) in case of any of the following scenarios:

1. if a person is holding more than one active accounts in any of the casino websites.

2. if the name on the person's credit card or any other mode of payment is not the same as on his account on the website.

3. if the information provided by the person is found incorrect by any means.

4. if the company has any doubts regarding the legal age or any other eligibility criteria set in these terms and conditions.

5. If Player allows or permits (intentionally or unintentionally) someone else to play on the Player's account.

5. if someone else is found playing on the player's account, either with or without his permission.

6. if a participant draws out from a casino promotion before fulfilling the necessary requirements of that particular casino promotion.

7. if a participant cheats the casino directly or indirectly e.g. by making use of a system specifically designed to defeat the casino.

8. if a person violates any clause of these terms and conditions.

9. if a person is identified as a promotional abuser.

10. if a person tries to abuse the welcome bonus by the company by any means, as this bonus is offered to a person once in a life time.

Note: if there are no deposits of cash then amount exceeding $50 cannot be withdrawn if won from bonus of any kind. The company holds the right to seize any winnings that exceed $50, if there are no cash deposits.

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